Guys, would you date a girl with selective mutism?

Table of Contents :. Lindsay Scharfstein, Ph. Victoria Bacon, M. Carla E. Marin, Ph. Selective Mutism SM is an anxiety disorder in which children do not speak in school, extracurricular or community activities, sports, etc. Even subtle changes around them or shifts outside of their comfort zone can lead to drastic changes in non speaking.

Stuck for words: A girl living with selective mutism

For example, a child may not be able to speak at school, but can speak with no problem at home. It is called selective mutism because the child is only mute in select situations. It can cause problems with school and social situations.

Do you avoid arranging play dates for your child for fear of making him/her more uncomfortable, or because you would be uncomfortable with how the play date.

Please refresh the page and retry. L ike many girls her age, Isla loves drawing, swimming lessons and arguing with her older sister. She is a boisterous, spirited six-year-old who, at home, is forever being asked to quieten down by her mother Charlotte Maddams, But at school, or in front of strangers, Isla is a very different child: her voice disappears, her mouth locks shut and she is unable to articulate even the shortest of words.

For the last four years, Isla has suffered with selective mutism , a growing and devastating anxiety-based mental health disorder. The condition — that affects 1 in children in the UK — means, while able to speak fluently and freely at some times, those affected remain consistently silent at others. It can be debilitating, humiliating and interfere with educational development.

While most cases are solved with early intervention from therapists, sympathy and time, others progress throughout adult life. Experts blame the later on a lack of awareness for a disorder that is frequently misunderstood, often as shyness or even extreme surliness. But it is nothing to do with choice. Situational mutism would be a better name. She had to wait two hours in awful discomfort until I arrived at school to collect her to ask for her inhaler. It has still taken a while for Isla to feel confident enough to use them and during her first year at nursery she would return home with the cards anxiously chewed to pieces rather than show them to the teacher.

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When I was 12, I would check out books from the school library by quietly slipping them into my bag when no one was looking. I guess you could say I was a book thief, but I always returned them when I was done reading. And if you only know about it from reading a book, the chances are that you read a book about a character whose mutism was triggered by a traumatic incident of their past.

Very rarely do books discuss the matter of selective mutism as a severe social anxiety disorder, which is highly unsurprising considering that it still remains relatively unknown in real life. Not only do they encourage dialogues surrounding a condition that affects around one in children in the UK , but they also tackle many of the misconceptions surrounding it. Sounds complicated right?

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We use cookies to help deliver our website. Children with selective mutism can become fearful of vocalising in other ways too, such as coughing or laughing. Over time, children with selective mutism may withdraw more generally and then fear other means of communication, such as writing or pointing. Eye to eye gaze and facial expression may also diminish. There is however usually no spontaneous communication with adults. Selective mutism usually starts in early childhood, between the ages of two and four.

It’s often first noticed when the child starts to interact with people outside their family, such as when they begin nursery or school. Cresswell, C. New York: Random House. Heubner, D. Washington, DC: Magination Press ages Johnson, M.

What is Selective Mutism

She is currently getting her Masters in Special Education. Her mother initiated treatment after Debbie experienced a stress breakdown at the beginning of graduate school. Because of the anxiety episode Debbie withdrew from school for a semester. In treatment Debbie was making progress with her social anxiety.

What teachers should know about selective mutism, and how to help students with the disorder do their best in school.

But not in this classroom. A dozen young children sit in a circle, dressed for pajama day. Some clutch their knees or a stuffed animal. A boy in Spiderman sleepwear looks worried but eager as he musters the courage to speak aloud. All the children, ages 6 to 10, know the answer. It has been months, sometimes years, since these children have talked to anyone apart from family. The children have selective mutism , an anxiety disorder, and they are terrified of talking in social situations.

They may be chatterboxes at home, but at school or around unfamiliar faces, they are stone-faced and silent.

What Is Selective Mutism?

Yet most of them time, they feel completely unable to speak. For instance, someone with selective mutism might talk perfectly normally when home alone with their parents or other close family, but find themselves totally incapable of speech in public or at school or work. Psychologists have struggled to explain selective mutism — some have suggested it is an extreme manifestation of social anxiety; others point to links with autism. Helping to fill that gap, a new study presents the experience of five people with the condition, in their own words.

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Selective mutism

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Selective mutism is a rare condition when a child can’t speak in certain Involve the child in a relaxed situation with someone he or she can talk to If you have a follow-up appointment, write down the date, time, and purpose for that visit.

The statement was made to me in a casual manner. It was quite disconcerting to learn that a child had attended our school for one full year of kindergarten and no one, except the kindergarten teacher, knew of his disability. Not one of the teaching or specialist staff had been notified. Nicholas, as I later found out, had not spoken in preschool for two years prior to his start of kindergarten in the public school system.

His kindergarten teacher had been advised by the public school psychologist and speech teacher to treat him as any other child and wait to see what would happen. During his kindergarten year, Nicholas displayed all the characteristics of any six year old child: happy, eager to learn, participating in all activities, as long as he could be silent. He had not spoken in school for three years by the end of kindergarten. He would not use the school toilet.

He would not even laugh out loud.

Facts About Selective Mutism